What Sets ECAT Assessment apart

ECAT is an international level assessment tool developed by experts in English language assessment. The participants, be it individual students or schools, are well supported throughout the preparation with effective ECAT Advantage and Grammar Master Books. Expected outcome could include the following:
1. Current status analysis of strengths and areas of improvements concerning language
2. Detailed Performance Assessment Report
3. Concise and clear representation of facts, figures and graphs for effective decision making
4. Awards and Recognitions

ECAT Benefits for Present and Future


Participation in ECAT assessment can help a child in many ways. Over the years, tests and assessments conducted by Neltas Team have garnered critical acclaim and reputation. Scoring in this test will not only affirm the competitive preparedness of the students but also provides a fair idea about scope of improvement. With many accolades to be won in an open, transparent competition, the test makes for an interesting activity, while pushing learning to the next level.


Right from getting comfortable with grammar, expanding and enhancing vocabulary, understanding language concepts, preparation for ECAT strengthens reading and comprehension skills. These improved skills play a vital role in securing higher grades in regular school unit tests and semesters.


ECAT makes students ready for higher excellence in English. The preparation, assessment and analysis leads to proficiency and competency development in many ways. Participating in ECAT equips the students well enough to compete and win in school, national and international level competitions. With international competitive benchmarking in place, ECAT is a good starting point for success in IELTS and TOEFL..

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